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Stain Over Tung Oil Finish

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It is also very orange not at all the medium brown color of the test piece. Can i use tung oil over an oil based stain.

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After that you should be fine as long as the tung is a tung oil finish common tung oil and varnish blend and not pure tung.

Stain over tung oil finish. I also bought clear wax and thought about trying that. Let sit on wood for approximately 5 10 minutes then buff evenly with a clean lint free cloth. I wanted to know if it will look right if i use stain before using tung oil.

Can i apply a stain or maybe a tung oil finish like watco dark walnut over the tung oil finish to even out the blotchiness and darken the color. I will be finishing some wood in the near future and i will be using tung oil for the first time. Or am i jumping the gun and should just finish out 6 or so more coats like on the test piece.

Stains are a pigment suspended in a liquid with a binder that keeps the pigment on the wood surface after the stain dries. Then make a sample from a chunk of poplar put some holes in it fill them with the putty and test some stains on the sample to see how the putty accepts the stain. A stain even an oil based stain is a different matter.

Apply minwax wood finish stain if desired following the label directions. I wanted it natural she wanted it darker so it is now stained and im trying to decide on a finish. But dyes penetrate the wood.

Pure tung will take a lot longer to harden probably at least a week or two until it could be topcoated. Then you will want to use a tung oil based topcoat applied over an oil based stain when you are staining or refinishing your special piece of furniture. Tung oil is an easy to use transparent finish that is resistant to water most liquids and mildew.

And i am assuming here that you are using minwaxs tung oil finish which is not a traditional tung oil the best solution is to sand the poplar cabinet until the finish is gone. I would appreciate any pointers on using the oil and stain together or separate. Other types of existing finishes such as varnish must be removed as tung oil is a penetrating oil.

Tung oil finishes are usually applied to unfinished wood but they can be used over oil based stains. If so should i use oil or water base stain. Apply in the direction of the grain.

Be sure the stain has completely dried before applying the finish. Creekers i keep hearing about tung oil as a finish so i bought some to try. Prefer a clear hand rubbed antique finish to the shiny or satin sheen of varnishes.

Wipe or brush on a generous coat of minwax tung oil. Again samples are recommended. I have built the loml a wine cabinet using reclaimed syp.

A pure or polymerized tung oil finish is easy to use and will produce beautiful results on any type of wood inside or out. Ive used a lockwood dye followed by a tung oil finish with excellent results. Tung oil finish needs to cure at least 36 hours before topcoating.

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Stain Over Tung Oil
Stain Over Tung Oil
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