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Stanley Plane Identification Guide

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Each model number is linked to the entry for the corresponding plane in patrick leachs blood and gore page for which these pages may be considered a simplified index. This sargent bench plane identification guide is a joint effort between authors who have a passion for vintage tools especially sargent bench planes.

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How To Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age And Type Type Study Tool

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1 bench plane this slightly rusted no.

Stanley plane identification guide. If you keep collecting stanley tools you will inevitably find them. There are more detailed publications available. Below you will find a tool for stanley plane identification specifically dating stanley planes and identifying the type of your stanley bailey woodworking bench hand planes.

Has probably gone through many hands and changing fortunes. The type study is based on the 4 bench plane. Type 4 1874 1884 type 14 1929 1930 made in usa appears cast into type 5 1885 1888 lateral adjustment lever appears.

Casey benton mike howell and i have written a sargent 400 bench plane identification guide. The stanley plane collectorax20acx2122s checklist and value guide by keith bradfield. The lateral adjuster on a stanley made plane.

Features are broken down by type1 these tables provide a helpful quick reference guide for identifying type. How to identify antique stanley bailey hand plane age and type. These pages are intended to serve as a quick reference for the model numbers of the various stanley planes.

Some were showered with attention by their former owners others suffered the worst possible abuse. The first one is a stanley bedrock. Please see the full type study and plane chart.

The mission is to help educate sargent collectors and woodworkers who wish to continue using and. Stanley planes by numbers. After 1885 when stanley added the lateral adjuster all stanley bailey and stanley bedrock planes had this style adjuster.

Make sure yours in question has the stanley lateral shown above. R emember that a one hundred year old plane. Type 3 1872 1873 type 13 1925 1928 stanley appears on lever cap.

If you want the information from this site in a handy reference book with current prices i suggest you purchase my stanley planes guide or vintage stanley tools it will save you a lot of time and money. The following tables provide a summary breakdown of identifying characteristics and markings of the bodies frogs and receivers lateral adjustment levers and lever caps on stanleys bailey line of bench planes. Hybrids of plane types are very common.

Both guides are available. Some plane features visible in the pictures may not be associated with your plane. 1 and original box sold on 4 may 2009 for 2918.

For more information read patrick leachs comments on stanley plane. Flowchart pictures are intended to illustrate a particular plane feature at each point in the flowchart.

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Stanley Wood Plane Identification Guide The Infamous

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Stanley Plane Identification
Stanley Plane Identification
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