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String Inlay With Router

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You may need to tweak the edge guide a bit and certain. If too thick it wont fit into the groove.

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This isnt much of a problem when cutting the pocket but it can be an issue when routing the inlay.

String inlay with router. This is a 116 solid carbide router bit with a 18 shank and is the perfect width for routing a groove for the 116 stringing. Notice the router bit in the above picture. The router bits are 685 each any size.

The techniques learned such as how to develop patterns how to set up your routers and a rock. String inlay made easy woodworking newsletter vol. Which cut beads or flutes.

String inlay is a quick and dramatic way to add interest and dimension to any woodworking project. And its not just string inlay you can add banding and any number of decorative veneer pieces using the router thats already in your shop. Converting them into a tool to cut channels for string inlay is simply a matter of.

Dvd review by j. But inlay always seemed too difficult and i shyed away from it. 132 332 18 and 1mm bits are also available.

You might choose a laminate trimmer or small router but youd better have nerves of steel and ice water in your veins. This website uses a secure shopping cart provided by paypal. This tool scrapes veneer or any narrow thin stock up to 63 mm 2 12 inch wide to the exact thickness required.

Line berry string inlay by router. Too thin and it will leave an unsightly gap. Dont think of it as simply step by step instruction for just line berry inlay.

String inlay tools from lee valley tools veritas string inlay tool system veritas template groove cutter inlay chisel and pin awl inlay cutter head for veritas router plane veritas string inlay scraper. Creating wood inlays part 1. An introduction to stringing and banding part 1.

Norman reid delaplane virginia recently ive become intrigued with the idea of using inlay to enhance the appearance of my woodworking projects. Veritas string inlay scraper the critical dimension for string inlay material is thickness. Sawing it using a fine toothed veneer saw is the best way to create consistent strips.

Thats a lot of torque to mill a very tiny slot. Youll see why in a moment. Although you can make inlays with a fixed base router its a lot harder to start the cut because you have to turn on the router and tilt it into the work.

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String Inlay
String Inlay
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