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Stud Distance Apart

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Lay out the stud locations with a tape measure square and pencil. When a home is framed the wall studs are usually spaced 16 or 24 inches apart.

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Then use your square to draw a pencil line across the top 3 12 inch side of the plate.

Stud distance apart. Measure 16 inches from the switch. This is the simplest most effective way to find studs. Drill a test hole.

This time you should hit a stud unless the studs in your home are spaced 24 inches apart instead of the standard 16 inches apart. If you turn the stud finder and dont hit a stud. Inches away from the closest stud found along the baseboard molding.

For those unwilling to purchase a wall stud finder blogger kit stansley offers tips on finding a wall stud the old fashioned way and learning how far apart are studs. Drill another hole and try again. Studs in walls are what support the weight of a structure and they are vital to the structural integrity of the building.

For exterior walls or load bearing walls studs are usually 16 inches apart. One way to find a stud for hanging shelving is to measure in 16 inch increments from the outlet or switch until you get to the place where you want to hang your shelf. By sliding the stud finder across the wall the stud finder will beep andor light up when it crosses a stud.

Starting at the left end of the wall plate stretch your tape measure out to 15 14 inches and make a mark. Remove the wall plate from the outlet. Using the measurement multiple determined above find the stud 16 32 48 etc or in the case of 24 inch 610 cm centers 24 48 72 etc.

But i dont see why youd want do it even if you can. Codes generally allow 24 inch on center spacing for studs in interior nonbearing walls and under certain circumstances even for load bearing walls. Move six inches to either side of your test hole.

If you dont have a stud finder there are several methods that can be effective in finding studs. When the wall is interior and not load bearing it is okay to have studs that are 24 inches apart. The normal spacing for studs in modern construction is 16 inches apart.

In this case repeat the above directions. Lightly mark this spot on the baseboard with a pencil.

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Stud Distance
Stud Distance
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