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Taper Turning Attachment Method

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It has guide bar which may be set at any desired angle or taper. In this method the taper turning attachment is bolted back of the lathe machine as shown in fig.

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Tapered Turning Attachment 1 Youtube

Hendey Aper Turning Attachment

D by a taper turning attachment.

Taper turning attachment method. A taper may be turned by any one of the following methods. Location of the taper internal or external and the number of pieces to be done. A by a broad nose form tool.

Taper turning by a form tool. With any of these methods the cutting tool must be set exactly. Taper turning with taper turning attachment in this method the work rotates around the bed axis and the cutting tool moves in an angle.

B by setting over the tailstock centre. Modern lathes are equipped with taper turning attachments for machining external and internal surfaces having an angle but not exceeding 120 maximum. This method is commonly employed for generating external tapers only.

The three basic methods of turning a taper require the operator to use either a compound rest offset the tailstock or use the taper attachment. C by swivelling the compound rest. E by combining longitudinal and cross feed in a special lathe.

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