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Tapered Sliding Dovetail

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Tapered sliding dovetails are multipurpose joints traditionally used for drawer dividers holding legs in place on a pedestal table and attaching tops to case pieces. Sliding dovetails are a very useful joint in furniture making but getting standard sliding dovetails to fit snugly along their whole length without seizing can be frustrating.

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Create perfectly fitting joints that dont need to be clamped.

Tapered sliding dovetail. After cutting the other side most of the waste is zipped out using a chisel bevel side down and then a router plane flattens out the bottom at the final depth. Dont forget to clean out the corners by skewing the router plane so the blade works its way under the top edge. A below to make the sockets and the router table to make the dovetails.

At one end the width of the slot is 1 while the other is 1 18 over 39 long. Tapered sliding dovetail slot jig. Our standard sliding dovetail in user manual is not tapered and is less complex the tapered sliding dovetail is one of the most difficult joints in woodworking.

Tapered sliding dovetails by hand the slot. You can see how the relief cut makes a room for the end of the saw. Tapered sliding dovetail using variable angle guides and shims note.

Thats why furniture maker chris gochnour tapers the joint making it much easier to slide the key through. Its had not trimming at all and i like it because of the fineness of the cheeks and the shoulder lines. When i pull it between my fingers and thumb i can barely feel any discernible surface discrepancy even though i can see saw lines from the kerf.

Shims make it easy to create the tapers. It is often used to attach shelves to the sides of a bookcase. The narrow side of this latter should be at the front of the project.

This tenon is straight off the saw. Fortunately a dovetail bit a router table and a simple shopmade jig make tapered sliding dovetails much easier to master. Sliding dovetails slip perfectly in place.

To use the jig you must install a dovetail bit and a 1 guide bushing in the router and center the jig on the center line of the sliding dovetail slot to become. They are an excellent choice for bookshelves and cabinet making. In this episode chris begins creating the tapered sliding dovetails by sawing out the sockets and cleaning them up with a router plane by chris gochnour oct 30 2018 sign up for eletters today and get the latest techniques and how to from fine woodworking plus special offers.

Tapered sliding dovetails sliding dovetail joints are stronger than dados and they look better. The primary reason for a tapered joint instead of a straight joint is the reduced friction over its length. You use the jig fig.

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Tapered Sliding Dovetail Router
Tapered Sliding Dovetail Router
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Tapered Sliding Dovetail By Hand
Tapered Sliding Dovetail By Hand
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