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Thickness Planer Sled

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I have always used a large left side table saw sled for making crosscuts but that sled is not always ideal when working with smaller pieces. This is my shop built 22 inch tilting table drum sander.

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This planer is a centerpiece of my workshop.

Thickness planer sled. The short answer is yes it can with the use of a sled so that that when it passes through the planer for the first side it does not wobble and when you get that side even you can then just pass the other side through to level out the other side. Just make sure the board will not move on the sled before you put. It is a variation of several plans ive seen for router planers i went through several iterations of design before settling on this one as the best of the lot i had come up with.

Woodpeckers slab flattening mill guides your router over your slab in a controlled plane. 1 just getting ready im warming up the glue gun and determining where on the sled i will need to apply the tape. Most of the planers i used as my inspiration were for smoothing rough.

Short video 053. This preliminary process certainly isnt the most glamorous part of working wood but virtually every skilled artisan will agree its one of the key steps for achieving consistent high quality results. I have a 13 ridgid thickness planer that is a tank.

I am making a rolling sled similar to one i also found on youtube. In preparing to build my version of the drum sander sometimes called a thickness sander i looked at commercial versions and several shop built versions on the internet. However i can only plane up to that width and it is unsafe to do anything end grain in my personal opinion so i have for a long time wanted to build my own jig.

Since youre using a router instead of a planer style cutterhead tear out is minimalthe surface will only need light sanding afterwards. I also purchased the carbatec 31mm planer bit but have not as yet used it. A question i get asked from time to time is how to get into woodworking what tools i would recommend and where to start.

Diy router surfacer planer by skippyfromaus. I thought of some minor improvements to the design and people have expressed interest in how to build one so i built a second one. You will lose a lot of the thickness of the board but it can be done.

So i built a small table saw sled which i ended up using quite often. Dimensioning rough boards by breaking them down into smaller precisely sized parts is one of the key first steps in any woodworking project. Beginning woodworking this article also avalable in spanish russian french and german.

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Planer Sled
Planer Sled
But if a board isnt warped too
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