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Tig Brazing Cast Iron

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I welded or tig brazed to be technically correct using alternating current and that seems to be unusual judging from the reaction on facebook so along the way i will attempt to answer a few questions about weldingtig brazing cast iron. You can always check with a welding supply company that serves professionals not your hardware store as they will have reference materials and specific knowledge for each preocess and filler material to match.

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Then you will drill and grind out a shape like u in the metal until it does not look like a hairline crack.

Tig brazing cast iron. I have a tig and im ok with it and ive used gas previously but i dont have an oxyacetylene setup so im leaning towards tig brazing. Beveled out both sides and brazed her up. I need to braze a few parts onto the underside of the base of my milling machine.

I wouldnt recommend tig for cast iron unless youre willing to put in a lot of preheat. Youll end up cracking it. Of the suffolk iron foundry known internationally as sif.

Dana and jeff get a small cast iron repair job in the shop since we opted to tig weld it we figured we would share it as a video here on youtube. You should use a cutting or brazing tip for bringing the metal up to 1400 degrees. Which one flows and wets easier.

Another repair i made that might be similar to what you have was a cracked banjo bracket for a small craftsman metal lathe. Ive welded plenty of cast iron with tig and silicon bronze rod its easier than nickle rod. Tig welding cast iron.

In this video i am tig welding cast iron to some 409 stainless exhaust tubing. Other parts that are subjected to greater forces will require a specific weld process and filler material. The heat of a tig torch is far too focused and localised.

I generally set my cleaning action up pretty high too. Now test with the cast iron while crunching a slot 116th to 18th of an inch into the metal. Darkmoon metals is a home based.

How does aluminum bronze compare to silicon bronze for tig brazing cast iron. Process tips tig brazing is relatively straightforward. Sif is renowned for its manufacturing heritage and for its complete range of quality welding consumables for miggmaw tiggtaw arcsmaw oxyfuel welding and brazing which have been used globally for almost a century.

Sometimes you can splatter stuff together with nickle rod and a stick welder that you cant do with a nicer process but the result is nasty looking and not too strong. Cast needs preheat anyway but even more if youre going to electrically weld it rather than with a gas torch. Tig weldbraze w silicon bronze filler.

This bracket holds the gears that transfer power from the power head to the lead screw.

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Brazing Cast Iron
Brazing Cast Iron
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