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Toilet Flange Height Too High

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24 get the plywood to fit the toilet flange. This might help you if you are trying to set a toilet with a high flange.

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You are now ready to set the toilet bowl.

Toilet flange height too high. The problem is that the toilet flange is about 12 inch high from the tile and the toilet does not seat flat on the floor. Make adjustments when necessary to ensure that the plywood is snugly fit. What is the correct toilet flange height.

Make sure this is done well to avoid any squeaking in the future. When your toilet flange is unlevel or not set to the right height the toilet may wobble or even leak at the base. A toilet flange sometimes referred to as a closet flange is the piece of the toilet upon which the toilet rests.

To eliminate these issues its important to ensure your flange is set to the right height and if its broke or damaged in any way youll also want to replace it. This old house. It currently sits 1 12 from the subfloor i figure 12 hardebacker and tile would only be 34 of an inch.

Ours seems quite high and the new toilet doesnt it evenly on the flange thats another problem though. Before you can understand how to correctly install a toilet flange a brief explanation of what this vital toilet component does is in order. This particular toilet flange was 58 above the floor level.

Toilet flange how high should it be. I am retiling a bathroom floor after removing the old tile and the dry mortar bed i came to realization that the toilet flange might be too high for the new floor. A flange that is too high will also cause plumbing issues and may keep the toilet from covering the hardware beneath it and sitting correctly on the floor.

To fix this you may need to trim the pvc pipe beneath to lower the flange to its proper height. Ok so how high should the toilet flange be from the subflooretc. Secure the plywood with screw and glue.

That would leave the flange 34 of inch above the finished floor. This video shows another way of correcting a toilet flange too high.

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Toilet Flange Height
Toilet Flange Height
The toilet flange should set on top
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