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Tsp Paint Thinner

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Ready strip all purpose cleaner remover. A typical solution for heavy duty cleaning is cup of tsp dissolved in 2 gallons of water equivalent to about 300 grams of tsp.

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Phosphate free tsp substitute.

Tsp paint thinner. Excessive tsp is also known to lead to kidney toxicity calcium deficiency and osteoporosis and imbalances of minerals in the bones. Theyd know that tsp is an industrial cleaning agent used for paint prep work as a degreasing agent as a mildew remover siding cleaner and lead abating agent. Naturalnews certain working professionals such as carpenters and painters might know what trisodium phosphate tsp is.

The cdc recommends avoiding all consumption of tsp due to how it can lead to frighteningly harmful health issues such as kidney damage and calcium removal from bones. Tsp mixed properly one cup of tsp powderone gallon of hot water should be in the 10 12 ph range somewhat alkaline but not harmful unless you keep your hands in it for extended periods. And no the trisodium phosphate in foods is not a paint thinner.

Pure gum spirits of turpentine. Pure odorless paint thinner. This is food grade trisodium phosphatemuch diluted purified and used in small amounts in foodnot the technical grade chemical found in paint thinner and many other products.

Tsp is used as a de greaser a paint filmpaint dust remover and when washed behind itself the rinsed with clean water normally does not leave a film. Tsp can and will remove many coatings of the oxidizing type but not conversion finishes such as urethanes. And you can find it in some breakfast cereals.

Fda safely limit of tsp is about 70 mg per day however with tsp being used in thousands of consumer products an average american can be exposed to more than 500mg of tsp a day. Just so ya know i dont think something is fine just because the fda says it is. Pro solutions mineral spirits.

Paint thinner trisodium phosphate in cereal. Premium lacquer thinner 478. Tsp is trisodium phosphate.

Trisodium phosphate is approved as a food additive by the fda and the european union. Its something that the fda has approved to be used in your food. Tsp trisodium phosphate powder.

Cleaners degreasers acetone lacquer thinner methyl hydrate mineral spirits recordsol paint thinner varsol paint thinner tsp trisodium phosphate liquid tsp trisodium phosphate powder faq. Tsp is not a paint thinner and mineral spirits is not a paint remover unless your removing a just applied coat. This by no means absolves food producers from incorporating even minute amounts in any foods or other internally used products.

When sold as an industrial product for heavy duty cleaning or paint removal tsp generally comes as a water soluble powder that when mixed as indicated for cleaning produces a high ph comparable to bleach. Paint thinner lvp carb. Pro solutions paint thinner.

Trisodium phosphate tsp is often used in paint thinner due to it having high levels of alkaline which help clean various substances.

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