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Using A Forstner Bit In A Plunge Router

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Heres the question and a chorus of replies courtesy of our friends at the woodworkers journal. You could use a router for the plunge action and than a drill to finish the job.

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I was apprehensive using a forstner in a handheld.

Using a forstner bit in a plunge router. What type of bit is the correct one to use for plunge routing. With an up cut spiral you will get unpredictable jumps in your router. Now install a 34 plunging straight bit clamp the workpiece between the fences and plunge slowly withdrawing occasionally to clear chips.

The dust collector did a good job with the router chips. Perpendicular and sharp cornered holes. After finishing off the first hole i had no problems doing it again.

The router may want to wander a bit when starting though. The smooth walls from the router bit guided the forstner with ease. For many beginning woodworkers the dilemma of whether to buy a fixed or plunge router and whenwhy to use one over the other can be confusing.

For most projects a fixed router will take care of the job handily but there are times when a plun. Forstner bit in a drill press with cleanup by hand would work equally well but i gathered from your post that you wanted to use your router and i dont know if you have a drill press. I want to plunge route going all the way through the wood panel in stages.

What happens if i run a forstner bit in my plunge router instead of my drill. Reply 15 on. If you only had one or two mortises to make id go with drilling and cleanup.

Is there a special straight bit that i need. Install the jig in place of your routers factory supplied subbase with the bit centered between the two fences. Plunge router base for a fixed router.

With a down cut spiral you will get excessive tear out and unexpectedly fast feed rates. But if youre drilling through you might as well use a spiral drillbit. They are not really well suited for boring.

Plunge router transforms into mini drill press. You might try using a 34 dia router bit to plunge down as far as you could then using that hole as a guide use whatever you want to drill through. May 15 2014 104713 am its called a drill guide and many companies make them.

The router wasnt ok it was great. I did use a hand held drill to remove most of the material prior to using the router since it was at a smaller diameter the straightness did not matter. Your best bet it to go back to the forstner bit with the correct rpm non router.

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