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Using Bondo On Fiberglass

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Versatile product can help with numerous projects including repairing tubs showers sinks pools hot tubs and boats. In fact it works so well that the makers of bondo now sell a similar epoxy product just for wood.

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Bondo glass or gorilla hair as its sometimes referred to is made for filling or bridging gaps or voids im not sure how much use it would have on a.

Using bondo on fiberglass. Bondo bondo hair filler eliminates the need for fiberglass cloth and bondo fiberglass resin jelly is a non drip formula for vertical surfaces. This product can be used with bondo fiberglass cloth or mat to create a stronger repair and is sandable in less than 2 hours. How to use bondo for fiberglass.

Bondo fiberglass resin is the same high strength polyester resin that is used to build most high performance watercraft. As fiberglass components age stress cracks and panel distortion can result. Use a good professional filler from a paint supply store.

Replacement fiberglass panels are readily available but can be very expensive to purchase. The expense of replacing damaged fiberglass panels can be significantly reduced by instead repairing the panels with bondo. Id use marine filler for that.

Bondo glass short stranded fiberglass filler any polyester or glass filler will work with fiberglass but its not really meant for below the water line use. Many bodymen of the time were not sold on the idea of using plastic body fillers but over time it became apparent that the lightweight easy to use nature of body filler was a benefit over lead. I used the off brand smart that is the same thing as the more expensive brand finish master sells.

Dont use bondo brand body filler. Bondo all purpose fiberglass resin is 100 waterproof. Like every body filler is bondo but that is just the brand.

Use it to join surfaces together while creating a strong waterproof and long lasting bond. The bondo brand name was created in 1955 just a few years after the use of lead body solder began to be prohibited. Bondo fiberglass resin is waterproof and is compatible with all paints including gel coat and marine paints.

Its like a klenex tissue every tissue is a kleenex but not really its just the brand. If you have old worn out even rotting woodwork on your home and you want to save money on expensive replacement costs try bondo. For structural strength on severe repairs like larger holes cracks or damaged surfaces use of additional layers of bondo fiberglass cloth or mat.

Bondo the same product used as auto body epoxy filler has been used by handymen for years to repair damaged wood. If using a filler paste for filling and faring fiberglass do not use auto bondos bondo with fiberglass strands added or tooling aids as they may crack and gelcoat does not stick well to many of them they just dont last on boat repair.

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Using Bondo
Using Bondo
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