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Using Router Bits In A Shaper

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This is supposed to be a 2 speed shaper with 8k and 10k rpms but the pulleys have been replaced so it is a single speed running 10k. Using router bits with a shaper.

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Using router bits in a shaper.

Using router bits in a shaper. I do not want a router table bouncing around the shop i already have three shapers. I have a lift in the router table and find it easier to adjust. I use router bits in my 3 hp shaper every so often especially for simplesmall edge details or when duplicating a molding when it doesnt pay to grind a cutter.

I have a tilting spindle shaper i use with router bits all the time. My shaper had the spindle with it when i bought it but not the collets. The shaper has a big solid table and its much quieter than a router.

It would seem that larger and larger bits are being sold as router bits when they should be shaper bits for safety. For larger router bits such as panel raising bits a router bit spindle in a shaper is the only way to fly since the shaper has real horsepower not the peak rated nonsense that routers are rated at. I ordered the two collets from porter cable and the collets fit the porter cable 690 router.

Cutters for a spindle shaper are very expensive and im sure worth it for larger cutters. The problem is that shaper spindles usually operate between 6000 and 10000 rpm which is rather slow for routing especially with small diameter bits. The only time the shaper was not as clean as the router table was on small bits like 14 round overs when using soft woods.

I may have to feed slower but they work. Some shapers offer router bit collets as either a replacement spindle or an add on to an existing one. The cutter that came with it is about 3 wide and 3 tall.

My shaper runs at 10000 rpm and ive run router bits down to a 316 roundover about 34 in diameter without problem. My biggest concern on using router bits in a shaper is rpm. The router was much cleaner.

Plus the shaper has its own cast iron table fence miter gauge dust collection blah blah. Big router bits are happy at that speed which is why many large routers have speed control. Here is a link to the collets but not from porter cable.

Most smaller shapers come with collets for use with 12in. It seems that there is a great deal talked about the stability and sag on many router tables these problems using a shaper at least for the larger4 bits. Pat warner mentions this on his tape.

10000 rpm is not good enough.

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