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Vacuum Kiln Drying Service

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Select one of the product lines below to learn more and to model specific. Through the careful monitoring of these factors we are able to uniformly dry lumber down to whatever level is necessary for your application.

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We also provide lumber drying services using our state of the art radio frequency vacuum kiln.

Vacuum kiln drying service. We offer hardwood lumber kiln drying with both our premium vacuum kilns. Twenty two kilns and more than 60 years of experience drying exotic woods means newman lumber company can be trusted to dry your woods perfectly to your specifications. Family owned and operated to this day we have been developing lumber drying technology since 1980.

Traditional kilns pull moisture from only the surface of the wood. Vacdry vacuum kilns patented system utlizes the latest technology in computer controlled precision to provide complete control over every variable chamber pressure heating level and humidity of the drying process. Remote kiln operation and optimization.

Uneven drying is not a necessary part of vacuum drying. Yours will do about 1 so you can guess the bmc of your hemlock. The process of kiln drying consists basically of introducing heat.

The same wood dry kiln that dries 14 lamella can dry 4 thick slabs with small changes to the plc in schedule control. And since our vacuum kilns are not blowing out heat in an effort to remove water vapor our drying cost are much lower. Today vacutherm in connected to and efficiently supporting customers around the world.

The best vacuum systems will dry at a max of about 2 per hour. The lumber source is your one stop shop for premium lumber with a selection from small boards to 54 live edge dining tables. The vacuum kiln does it in a fraction of the space.

Vacutherm offers several vacuum kiln product lines for your wood drying needs. Vacuum kilns are easy to use require minimal training and are perfect for operations drying 10000 20m board feet of high quality wood per year. Some of our customers have actually installed their vacuum kilns inside the conventional kilns that they replaced.

The idry kiln has brought vacuum drying to everyone. Properly kiln drying lumber involves maintaining strict control of temperature relative humidity and airflow within the kiln. Look beyond those old vacutechs.

Our custom design controls are set to dry wood up to 4 thick in amazingly short time. Many of our customers have seen energy savings and dramatic drying quality and speed improvements as a result of giving vacutherm access to their kilns via the internet. Some kilns will dry some wood with 0 drying defects.

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Vacuum Kiln Drying
Vacuum Kiln Drying
Preparation includes the drying and sometimes treatment
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