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Venting Dust Collector Outside

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To make a long story short the filters and the cyclone were doing their job however the dust collection hoods were not. There would still be collector bags and only the fine particles that pass through the filter cloth would escape.

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Closest window is pretty much straight shot of 20.

Venting dust collector outside. Bill pentz responded to the poster himself he is a snip from it. I am debating moving the whole collector outside now after seeing the issues you had. Either put the whole unit outside or build a big box and then vent that box outside.

I have had the outdoor exhaust with no problems since then. I do have a chip separator that actually collects most visible dust as well before the impeller. I have a 2hp extractor and a shopvac in a 1300×900 cant remember the height enough to clear the bag big mdf box built into the corner.

The area where the dust collection would be is under a bedroom window maybe 10 ft away. Thank you for writing this thread i made the same assumptions and wanted to vent my dust collector outside into a barrel. I have conflicting answers from vendors whether venting a dust collector directly outside will harm the dc motor.

Make up air is not a problem. Will a dust collector motor be harmed by venting outside and not using filters. The original poster in the thread had bill pentz out to evaluate his dust collection.

I can discharge into a field and nearest neighbor is 14 mile away. Not sure if run would be a issue. There is a door in that corner that was missing some of the panels so i just left them off for venting out.

In regards to the discussion on the dust collectionventing outside would it be possible for a cyclone to be installed outside and still have the exhaust air from the dc to go back into the shop yes this is possible and many do just this to save space in their shop. These are the ones that are hardest to remove with a filter and the ones that do most damage to your lungs. Test results are showing some very consistent things.

I have 3 hp shop fox dust collector and after running my wide belt sander for not to long my dwyer gage goes from 35 to maxed out at 5 i am thinking about venting outside in the non winter months. Edit this post has been up for over a year now and has just become somewhat popular again. I have not seen appreciable dust outside my house.

Venting outside does not mean just blowing the sawdust and chips outside.

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