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Veritas Sharpening Jig

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Sharpening from veritas tools. The guide roller is mounted on an eccentric axle which can be set.

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The bed of the guide has a series of parallel lines to let you visually align narrow chisels or square up blades that have accidentally become skewed.

Veritas sharpening jig. An unbeatable honing guide. Hone a micro bevel on fine stone by repositioning roller to higher position. Plane irons chisels are held in place by a wide swivel foot driven by a large knurled brass knob.

The jig accepts blades up to 2 12 wide and up to 58 thick. It also handles unusual blades like short stanley type 151 spokeshave blades and skew chisels. A possibility is to use wet or dry sandpaper placing it wet on a plate of glass or other plane surface where it will cling.

Mortise chisel adapter for mkii narrow blade honing guide adapts the mkii honing guide to allow consistent accurate honing of mortise chisels. If the stone is very hollow you can take a big grain size as 80 or 120 and then a finer type to improve the surface. Precision honing guide and angle jig set.

Return to exactly the same angle each time you sharpen a blade. Find great deals on ebay for veritas sharpening jig. Use in normal position to grind a basic bevel angle.

Guide roller is on spring loaded adjustable cam shaft for setting at three heights. One of the original precision hand sharpening systems this is still one of the bestan easy to use means to get your chisel and plane blades razor sharp. Its easy to precisely align skew chisels using the veritas skew jig sold separately the standard mkii honing guide includes a standard roller base a standard clamping head and an angle registration jig.

An extremely versatile and precise guide the mk. Standard mark ii honing guide. Ii can handle almost any chisel or plane iron and enables you to get the same results with every sharpening quickly and easily.

An optional magnetic accessory holds blades too small for any other honing guide to handle. The system guide which holds blades up to 2 38 wide and 58 thick features a unique cam roller for creating a micro bevel without having to unclamp or reset the tool. Introduction to using the veritas sharpening system.

Ii honing guide takes the difficulty and guesswork out of sharpening chisels and plane irons. The wide roller on our guide and the positive positioning action of the jig automatically square the blade in the guide as you set the angle.

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Veritas Sharpening Jig Instructions
Veritas Sharpening Jig Instructions
Wolverine sharpening system and accessories from lee
Veritas Jig
Veritas Jig
A box for chisels. Put tool in
Veritas Sharpening Jig Manual
Veritas Sharpening Jig Manual
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