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Veritas Universal Fence

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We build a trusted advisor relationship based on experience and best practices. The two additional threaded holes can be used to store the clamping knobs when the fence is not in use and the through holes in the fence can be used to attach a wooden guide to the inside face of the fence.

Veritas Universal Variable Angle Plane Fence Lee Valley Tools

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Veritas universal variable angle plane fence.

Veritas universal fence. It clamps to your planes bod this 280mm universal plane fence will fit onto a wide variety of bench planes including those made by veritas stanley record and others. Veritas jack rebate veritas bevel up jointer veritas shooting board and veritas custom bench planes require stainless steel knobs 104776. How the veritas variable angle plane fence makes it easy to add accurate bevels to your work.

This 280mm universal plane fence will fit onto a wide variety of bench planes including those made by veritas stanley record and others. The veritas jointer fence allows you to shoot accurate and consistent square or bevelled edges with iron or steel bench planes. Fitting the fence to your plane is straightforward on either the left or right side.

A great accessory for the hand plane user to help get nice square edges on your stock. For more information visit. Fence clamps to side wing of most planes using included brass clamping knobs planes such as our jack rabbet jointer shooting and custom bench planes fence is designed to mount to tapped holes in side wings using stainless steel knobs available separately.

Anodized aluminum fence can be attached to either side of the plane for right or left handed use with the clamping knobs provided. A spring loaded lever locks the fence and can be rotated out of the way when not needed. Veritas universal variable angle plane fence designed to fit a wide array of bench planes including those made by other manufacturers this variable angle fence can be used left or right.

Holes are provided in the fence for screwing on wedge shaped. Not just for right angles the fence allows you to plane accurate and consistent angles from 450 to 1350. Veritas services help you take charge of it and business complexity.

Through holes for attaching wooden sub fence note. Through holes in the 280 mm 11 inch long aluminum fence allow the attachment of a wooden extension. Usable with almost all of the bench planes it.

Angles are set using a square or angle gauge or directly on an angle you wish to match. The integral rare earth magnets make it quick and easy to attach or remove the fence from the side of the plane whilst holding it firmly in position. Our experts help you maximize the value of your information.

Todays try it tuesday is the veritas jointer fence.

Veritas Shooting Board Plane

Variable Angle Fence For Veritas Bench Planes Accessories Carbatec

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