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What Is Maple Burl Wood

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Burl wood is a type of wood used by artists to create sculptures and other items such as clocks and even some forms of furniture. Burled wood is that swirly grained wood that is often used on modern styled pieces or as an inlay on vintage chests and dressers.

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It is caused by some kind of stress such as injury virus fungus insect infestation or mold growth.

What is maple burl wood. The swirls twirls and eyes dancing in the bark all create a unique highly figured wood grain that no human could dream of designing. Burl wood is anything but average. Burlwood has been selling high quality burl for 25 years in six different domestic species.

I am a believer that god made this wood for. This is the right way to cut a burl with some length of log on either side of the burl. The sapwood is creamy white with brown streaks.

They use it to make a wide variety of products including furniture clocks bowls and even interior trim for automobiles. I am highly experienced at cutting and processing each piece of burl to achieve the highest quality of figure. We know youve heard of it our walnut burl and maple burl watches get a lot of love from you guys.

A burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. The amboyna is usually a deep red although the more rare moudui burl is the same species but the color is from golden yellow to yellow orange. Burl wood is highly prized for its characteristically unusual and beautiful grain.

This is a high quality cherry ball burl. This wood is a type of fast growing abnormal growth found on some trees. Burl wood is the result of harvesting a tree or portion of a tree which has a burl.

Its not a type of tree. A burl is a growth on a tree which has an unusual grain pattern and is the result of stress on the tree. The common use for amboyna is interiors for luxury vehicles turnery cabinets veneer and furniture.

Whether you prefer to to maintain the natural tone of the wood or use a darker stain or oil or apply lacquer for a more highly polished appearance. When a burl is harvested from a dead tree and cut open it often reveals a beautiful unique wood grain full of colors swirls and interesting patterns. But what is burl wood really.

To harvest those leave 6 8 inches of wood on both ends of the burl to protect it from cracking. Maple burl redwood burl buckeye burl curly redwood burl myrtlewood burl and black walnut burl. Because the pigment of maple wood burls is light in color compared to most other wood species you have many options for finishing your wood pieces.

It is usually found on the trunk at the base of the tree and sometimes underground in the form of a rounded outgrowth. Burl wood products. Padauk trees are quite common but burl wood is rare.

It is highly prized by artists because of its unique shapes and ring patterns. Artisans love burl wood. This is a boxelder eyed burl built up of many rounded shapes.

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What Is Maple Burl
What Is Maple Burl
It is highly prized by artists because
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