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What Is Maple Burl

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It is highly prized by artists because of its unique shapes and ring patterns. Burl wood products.

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When a burl is harvested from a dead tree and cut open it often reveals a beautiful unique wood grain full of colors swirls and interesting patterns.

What is maple burl. Fiddleback curly birdseye have their place but on something as small as a pen the stripes or curls just dont have the wow factor of burl. How to harvest and sell burls. Approximately five per cent of sugar maples in a northern stand will show birds eye figure very similar to burl patterns but no precise cause has been observed.

Burls do not appear to harm the tree. This burl is not part of the job but the tree guy said he would talk to the owner about selling iti offered 200 100 for the owner and 100 for the tree service to cut it for me it is hollow with enough room to put both of my fists in the middle at one time. The structure of burls is orderly but contorted and the contortions give the burl beauty and value.

Padauk trees are quite common but burl wood is rare. Whether you prefer to to maintain the natural tone of the wood or use a darker stain or oil or apply lacquer for a more highly polished appearance. It is a highly desired burl because of its intense eye and figure.

Burl wood is a type of wood used by artists to create sculptures and other items such as clocks and even some forms of furniture. That might be a frost split caused by a sharp frost when the sap is already running very common on maples physical damage done the tree or a broken off branch that the tree grows over to protect itself. Maple burl can be used for any project you have in mind from exceptional maple burl furniture to maple burl pen blanks.

Big leaf maple is a west coast burl. Amboyna burl is a particularly expensive type of burl much more than bigleaf maple burl for example. Now for flatwork all the different varieties of maple.

They use it to make a wide variety of products including furniture clocks bowls and even interior trim for automobiles. A layered burl is the result of an injury to the tree. Artisans love burl wood.

It comes from padauk trees pterocarpus spp of southeast asia. This wood is a type of fast growing abnormal growth found on some trees. Because the pigment of maple wood burls is light in color compared to most other wood species you have many options for finishing your wood pieces.

In general and for maple in particular i prefer true burl ie having closed eyes and no straight grain for pens.

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What Is Maple Burl Wood
What Is Maple Burl Wood
Burl wood is a type of wood
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