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Wiping Varnish Vs Danish Oil

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What is wiping varnish. Wiping varnish usually a type of polyurethane comes premixed but you can make your own by thinning regular varnish with mineral spirits.

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If you are using an open grained wood start with the danish oil sanding it in with 400 or 600 grit wetdry auto body paper.

Wiping varnish vs danish oil. Anyone can make their own wiping varnish by thinning any oil base varnish or polyurethane enough so it is easy to wipe on the wood. Wiping varnish is simply common oil based varnish any type including alkyd varnish polyurethane varnish or spar varnish that is thinned enough with mineral spirits paint thinner so it is easy to wipe on wood. Polyurethane is a type of wood finish as well.

Because of their oil content oil varnish mixes also need to dry overnight. You could skip the danish altogether is you wanted to and just make a wiping varnish by thinning the varnish with mineral spirits or vmp naptha by equal parts. For a finish that you want to build on the surface use a wiping varnish.

Watco danish oil is a brand of wood finish product also referred to as an oilvarnish blend because it contains both penetrating oil and varnish. You want to wipe away all excess oil and not let it build on the surface but in the wood. Oilvarnish mixes such as danish oil enhance grain while laying down a thin film.

Wiping varnish vs danish oil. You can add more oil to a thinned varnish if you want to but this replicates something like danish oil not merely a wiping varnish. Wiping varnish is arguably the single best finish for most amateur woodworking projects.

Ill wipe a wet coat over the entire surface and immediately repeat. Then wipe off any excess because puddles dry tacky. These are easy though with walnut as with oak you want to apply it at a time when you can check on it about every 15 minutes or half hour after the first coat.

Wiping varnish is an improvement in protection and durability over boiled linseed oil and oilvarnish blend but the only thing new about it is the misleading name on the can. Applying danish oil is simple you dip a cloth in the finish then use it to flood the woods surface photo below let it soak in for 15 minutes and work more into areas that absorb the oil. Waterlox makes some good ones or you can mix mineral spirits with any oil based varnish to achieve wiping consistency.

I am applying them using a squeeze bottle of the finish and a clean piece of cotton rag. Just leave out the blo. These spots will appear dull.

Well danish oil doesnt mean any thing specific though the usual formulations are an oilvarnish mix such as watco. Don stephan recent gremlin led me to look through info on danish oil and wiping varnish to determine how they are alike and dissimilar. After choosing a varnish turn it into a wiping varnish by thinning it with mineral spirits no additional oil is needed to turn a regular varnish into a wiping varnish.

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Wiping Varnish
Wiping Varnish
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