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Wolverine Vari Grind Vs Vari Grind 2

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I prefer the vari grind. Here is a video showing what i do.

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Thats what i have and it works well.

Wolverine vari grind vs vari grind 2. Oneway has spent considerable time and effort to develop a system which will consistently produce. With the oneway wolverine vari grind 2 you can now create and maintain true fingernail and side grind profiles on your spindle and bowl gouges quickly at any angle. I dont like the varigrind 2 because i move my jig forward in the v arm after sharpening the first bevel.

Produce and maintain prefect fingernail and side grind profiles on spindle and bowl gouges. The new vari grind 2 offers side restrained action to keep the tool safely centered on the wheel eliminating the chance for slipping of the wheels edge. The oneway wolverine vari grind jig attachment is the part that holds the bowl gouge at just the right angle to quickly repeat a specific grind angle on your bowl gouge.

The wolverine vari grind jig is part of the oneway wolverine vari grind sharpening system which is designed to assist wood bowl turners with the process of consistently sharpening bowl gouge bevel angles quickly and accurately. The reason oneway sells the vari grind attachment separate is that many people like to use more than one attachment for each particular bowl gouge sharpening angles. I thought the difference between those 2 was which wolverine setup was used.

I seem to recall the original question was whether it was worth upgrading to the vari grind 2 and the general consensus was that it was not worth the price to upgrade. The wolverine vari grind will properly shape and maintain the edge on standard bowl gouges the modern side grind also known as the ellsworth grind liam oneil or irish grind and the traditional fingernail shape for spindle work detailing. Vari grind vs vari grind 2 i know i saw a thread on this subject once but i cant find it now.

Can someone describe the functional difference between the wolverine vari grind1 and vari grind2. I would go with the original. Oneways patented pivot point keeps your gouges moving in a true cylindrical pattern about the adjusting rod creating a conical cutting edge while the side to side motion of the.

First lets clear up some basic information and address the details of this system. Ive got the vari grind1 and im not likely to spend the money to get a vari grind2 but im curious what prompted the re design in that it might help me use a different technique with the vari grind1.

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Wolverine Vari Grind
Wolverine Vari Grind
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