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Wood Jointer Planer Combo

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Built with cast iron tables and steel bases these economical 2 for 1 units dont compromise on construction. Save time and space in your shop by combining the power of a jet jointer and a jet planer into one amazing combo machine.

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Top jointer planer combo machines reviewed woodworking is a full time profession for some and a casual hobby for othersyet regardless of how often or intensively one participates in the endeavor it is important to always use the best tools on the market for safety as well as productivity.

Wood jointer planer combo. The jet jointer planer is 3 hp cast iron and can change from one technique to another in less than a minute. The primary difference between jointer and planer tools is that a jointer shores up the edges on a piece of wood while a planer removes a portion of the thickness from that wood. Learn the results of our testing of three representative 12 jointerplaners grizzly g0634 jet jjp 12 and mini max fs30 in the july 2009 issue of wood magazine or download the review.

Using a combo tool helps you create boards and sheets that are perfectly smooth as well as even and level. With a space saving jointer planer combo you can turn raw lumber into finished boards using just one machine. By combining two functions into one machine jointer planer combo machines are an intriguing value that also happen to save a good deal of shop space.

As a bonus combination machines offer woodworkers a wider than average jointer capacity because the same cutterhead that functions as a planer is used when jointing. Still they seem a good space saving option for someone on a limited budget getting started in woodworking.

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Wood Jointer Planer
Wood Jointer Planer
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