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X Carve Review

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Physicality of the machine. The new version from inventables is the gateway drug to subtractive manufacturing and brings quite a few refinements to the line while also increasing performance.

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Read on as we review the specs of this cnc machine.

X carve review. Open source and highly modifiable the x carve by inventables is a popular 3d carving kit. The x carve is one of the most popular desktop cncs on the market. In my case i went with the fully loaded option because i didnt have anything to start with.

I will not do a review on every detail of the machine as there are plenty of other sources out there for that kind of article and i really dont like to do those reviews anyway. X carve is a cnc mill which ships in the form of a kit. The problems with the original x carve.

Instead the following text is my thoughts and opinions on the machine now that ive had it for a while. It is a kit like the x carve but seems better built and better engineered than the x carve. As a kit you can pick the pieces you want for your mill.

My first complaint was the underpowered spindle that x carve originally included. The so called maker revolution changed the landscape of tooling for the home hobbyist and small business. I really want a robust machine that is capable of professional quality work but i just dont have 4 grand to spend.

I am glad to report that many of the things i was dissatisfied with have been corrected. I think i have been pretty honest and upfront in my original review with how i felt about the original x carve. I have been reading some great things about the new shapeoko 3.

3d printers are one key part of the movement but. This edition is a major upgrade with its single extrusion gantry spindle rail and clever new clamps. I was liking the x carve until i read your comparison.

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X Carve Reviews
X Carve Reviews
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X Carve Review 2019
X Carve Review 2019
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